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Employees receive dedicated onsite career coaching and access to the essential tools and resources they need to help secure their next role.

In Job Navigation’s Outplacement Programs, participants can expect:

  • one-on-one coaching sessions
  • a career review to understand your transferable skills
  • support with writing a competitive resume and cover letters
  • coaching to effectively engage recruiters and networks
  • interview preparation and practice

We assist impacted employees to navigate change and move to their next opportunity, while substantially mitigating workplace relations and reputational risks for our clients.


Employees with long tenure often face challenges when seeking their next job opportunities. Therefore, our onsite transition coaching programs prioritise providing personalised one-on-one coaching support.

Our highly experienced career coaches have a proven track record of working with diverse workforces in technical industries. Their practical and relatable approach allows them to establish trust and rapport swiftly with employees from various backgrounds and at all organisational levels.

We focus on what’s important for each individual, help them gain the confidence to successfully navigate the job market, and provide guidance when specific job opportunities arise.

Upskilling & 

Job Navigation has the proven experience to help you develop the workplace skills you need for the future.

With Job Navigation, you’re in safe hands. We act as a trusted strategic partner, providing expert guidance as you navigate every phase of the project’s lifecycle:

  • Design
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Planning and preparation
  • Communication
  • Delivery
  • Review

Our solutions are tailored to your organisational needs to ensure your employees grow with your business.

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