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About Us

At Job Navigation, a career solution from Directioneering, we specialise in steering organisations through significant change. Our focus is on supporting industrial, trades, and operational sectors, ensuring your workforce remains agile and equipped for the future. 

As a partner, we understand the unique challenges managers face in maintaining a skilled and adaptive team. Our services in outplacement, coaching, and upskilling are designed to foster a resilient and forward-thinking workforce, aligning with your strategic goals. 

Trust Job Navigation to navigate your team through change with expertise and care.

Solutions for all employee levels:

Whilst Job Navigation supports the industrial, trades, and operational sectors, our broader portfolio of branded career solutions allows us to provide best-practice career services to all employee groups.

Directioneering is our premium executive career service. Through our branded solutions AP Thrive, Job Navigation and Two Point Zero we are able to provide best-practice career solutions that are fit for purpose and meet the diverse needs of all your employee groups.

AP Thrive was founded with the belief that every person should have access to quality personalised career support. Offering both one on one coaching and a world class career marketplace, which provides your employees with the opportunity to customise their service to meet their needs. With over 120 career services and 23,000 learning and upskilling services, AP Thrive provides your employees with a level of choice and control that’s essential to one’s leading a fulfilling career. 

Two Point Zero provides career advice and strategies to students, graduates and young people early in their career, and anyone looking to explore alternate career pathways. By taking the time to get to know each of our clients personally, discerning their strengths and interests, we are able to guide them toward a path that truly resonates with their aspirations.

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